Loudspeaker Giveaway & Review: Audien Offers you The HEX XL By 808 Audio

You’re seriously missing out have to you haven’t got a portable bluetooth speaker ever. Whether you’re going camping, keeping a hotel room, or just taking a shower, it is essential to have booming sound! Negotiating for laptop speakers just is unable to cut it when you want to listen to EDM away from home. You need to hear the bass bad and clear to get the full pole of audio.

Aluminum Alloy Portable Sport Speaker FM Function MicroSD Slot ready

Trust me when I say that the cord makes a world of difference to have the chosen tracks blasting wherever you go. This is exactly why I love using the HEX XL The wireless Speaker by 808 Audio. Manged to get the chance to try it out recently, and it blew me away with its volume & versatility.

Better yet, LessThan3 favorite Audien is giving away a free track given its name the speakers called HEX in the Facebook page. This hard-hitting anthem charges forward with gritty basslines and soaring builds.

Scroll back for the HEX XL wireless lecturer review and giveaway

The first thing I want to know was just how loud can your HEX XL wireless speakers bring. I loaded a playlist inside my smart phone with a variety of dubstep, trap, electro house, and brete to test it out. The HEX XL really proved to me what it when with two stereo speakers along with a down-facing subwoofer. It definitely packs virtually any punch on maximum volume, problematic audio still sounds clear when lower volumes. At $99. 99 MSRP, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth if you’re looking for a bluetooth portable speaker a bangs loudly.

Best of all, the boombox is both convenient and simple help to make. When connecting to my smart phone by making use of Bluetooth, all I needed to do got hold down the pair button upon the speaker and a notification popped make certain my phone asking to connect using it. I hit pair, and then shabang, all my music started playing via wireless speaker. If you don’t have a Blue tooth device, it comes with a 3. 5mm tone cable that plugs into the back.

The exact HEX XL portable speaker comes in burgandy, silver, and black. It has control keys on both sides that make it easy to get used to volume, skip to the next or home and garden track, pause, and play. Different useful feature include a carrying transmission on the top and a hole on the for you to grip it with your fingers. This definitely made with travel in mind.

Whenever you’re feeling lucky, enter our free items for a free set of HEX XL wireless speakers below using the LockerDome contest widget. Turn off any ad-blockers if it doesn’t appear, and it usually will not show up on mobile devices. One lucky champ will be emailed on July 20 at 3 p. m. EDT. Good luck, and tell your friends during this contest too!

Speakers Giveaway: Audien presents the HEX XL by means of 808 Audio in LessThan3’s Hugs on LockerDome


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